Thursday, July 16, 2009

IDAL Convention Memphis, Tennesse 2009

This year at the IDAL Convention Memphis 2009!

Kathy Wear and myself will be executing a live demo all week of an RsCrete floor.

This is a picture of the finish we will use as a reference for our design and the mock up of the Modello provided by Melanie and her amazing team. We owe a big thanks to Royal Design Studio for the Modello design they created for our specific application.

If you're at the convention this year, please be sure to stop by and say hello! You can see more Modellos and an awesome collection of stencils at

Saturday, July 04, 2009

One of the columns, (designed to look like an inlay wood) our students completed in the Roomscapes class by Anthony Pinkston.

This class puts an original spin on the creative and design process to enhance your portfolio.  Not only are you creating wall finishes, but all elements of the room:  Trim and molding, columns, ceilings ornamentation, panel and cabinetry.  Plus so much more....

To learn more call the studio at 435-654-7501

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exciting news coming to FAS!!! October 2009!

Extraordinary Ceilings by Gina Wolfrum

We are excited to announce that Gina Wolfrum from Elegant finishes will be debuting her amazing ceiling finishes at Faux Assured Studio this October 2009!

Look for details to come soon on this amazing class! Not only will you do "mini-mock" ceiling finishes on rolled up canvas, but you will also do an actual modello application on a real ceiling! There's nothing like real time application to set you on your way to the most Elegant ceiling finishes created in the business!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Modern World Finishes class at Faux Assured Studio

Advanced Level Training, 3 days 

"Modern World Finishes" by Mindy Harrell

This is a 3 day class designed to build upon your existing skills and expand your knowledge of product usage, design concepts, and "art inspired" techniques. You will learn how to embellish your work and use multi-medium mixing to maximize the creative process. More artistic freedom is encouraged in this class to give your portfolio customization and assist in promoting your "inner Andy Warhol."  Mindy will show you what it takes to create sleek, modern day representations in a way that it becomes a piece of "artwork" in itself!   Mindy is well known for pulling many "tricks" out of her creative bag and she will share these tips so that you too can make money with your finishes.   An added bonus to this class is leaving with a custom piece of art work created by... YOU!  

On top of it all, you will leave with a comprehensive technical binder detailing the finishes taught for your reference.  You will leave with 15+ samples utilizing the favorites from the silver and gold label line by Faux Effects International!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Faux Retreat May 4 - 9, 2009 Spooner Wisconsin

A “Real” Working Retreat

Experience a new way of learning the decorative arts, mixed with fun, relaxation, and a beautiful setting in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Faux Retreat was created for artisans like you to learn and share your craft in a unique environment that will recharge you both physically and creatively.

The Spring Faux Retreat will be held on May 4-8, 2009 (a fall retreat is also being planned for late September) at a secluded site surrounded by 170 acres of woods and a private lake near Spooner, Wisconsin. While communing with nature, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from two of the industry’s most creative and innovative instructors:

• Kathy Carroll, owner of the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes and Faux by Kathy, will bring inspiration, motivation, and a fresh approach to the endless possibilities of 10 different finishes. You’ll leave with a class book complete with all your recipes, product sheets, and information that will become a lifelong resource. Products used will be from a variety of manufacturers, including: Golden Proceed Line, Bella Product Line, Blue Pearl and Perfetto, Oikos, Modern Masters, Adicolor, and Briste Group.

• Mindy Harrell, owner of Murals by Mindy and Faux Assured Studio, will lead a course in “Modern World Finishes” that is designed to build upon your existing skills and expand your knowledge of product usage, design concepts, and "art-inspired" techniques. You’ll learn how to embellish your work and use multi-medium mixing to maximize the creative process. Plus, you’ll leave with a comprehensive technical binder detailing the finishes and 10 samples utilizing favorites from the silver and gold label line by Faux Effects International.
“Faux Retreats are designed to reflect the style of the traditional atelier of old European painters where students lived together sharing the expertise of an artist while experiencing a connection and unique form of guidance,” explains Kathy Boyd, creator of Faux Retreats.

Your five-day Faux Retreat will include:

* Welcome reception and dinner
* Communal style accommodations (limited private or semi-private rooms available for an additional fee)
* Daily continental breakfast, daily lunch, and dinner served 3 nights
* 4 days of hands-on instruction – 2 days with each instructor
* Snacks and beverages available throughout the day
* Evening guest speaker
* Late night challenge/painting party
* Firepit discussion: Getting, maintaining, and marketing a Web presence with Kathy Boyd
* On-site extras may include yoga, massage, product demos, etc.
* Use of lake, boats, and other amenities (sauna, Jacuzzi, etc.) on the property
* Free time to explore the town on your own
* This all-inclusive retreat is priced at just $1,895 – comparable to other classes that do not include the costs of accommodations, meals, and other activities. Retreat size is limited, so make your reservations today. Early bird special: Register by March 14 for $100 off!
For more information or to download a reservation form, visit You can also call 218-940-3095 or send an e-mail to if you have any questions.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's new with Faux Assured Studio?

Just in case you haven't stumbled across our awesome promotion...we have a buy one get one free deal with our Grand Opening. Purchase one 5 day class and bring a friend/parnter for Free! This offer is only good until the end of October 2008! Take advantage of this opportunity before the end of the year! Our Rs I series course, debuting the creative finishes inspired by Mindy Harrell and Kathy Wear is a class you don't want to miss! For more info go to or call the studio at 435-654-7501.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Want to learn the "Art of Decorative Painting & Faux Finishing?"

Teaching decorative painting & faux finishing has been a dream of mine that is finally coming to fruition! For two long years I have been working towards this goal and will now be a licensed instructor/distributor for Faux Effects International.
I look forward to meeting many new students at our school and mentoring them as I have been mentored through out my career. I truly feel that to be a "super achiever" all successful business owners need a "successful mentor." Having said that I would like to thank Master Artisans Martin Alan Hirsch from Decorative Finishes Studio in Louisville, Ky and Krista Vind (who is another amazing teacher at Decorative Finishes Studio) for there support, guidance and wisdom over the years. This has been an amazing journey; one that has changed the course of my career immensely.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Innovative Designs by Jason Lucas

Faux Assured Studio is excited to announce the addition of seasoned instructor Jason Lucas to our instructing team.  Jason is from Denver, Colorado and has a successful commissioned based business in Decorative Painting and Fine Arts.  He has been published in many national magazines for his original and innovative designs.  Check out our class schedule by visiting the school website or you can check out Jason's work at

School site:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dream Home Wine Cellar

Walls were created to look like old stone from centuries ago!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Our latest creation: Crackled Copper

Hot off the Easel! This is one of our newest creations.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Weathered Bronze Lusterstone

One of my all time favorite textural finishes is the Lusterstone!

Marvelous Kitchen

This was a custom suede finish using colors to compliment the decor through out the home. The clock wall (red wall) is a custom stone/ crackle finish.

For the contemporary teenager in your life!

This was a tone on tone stripe finish create for a young teenager. We actually took the colors right off of the box his ipod came in...

For the light at heart!

We have something for everyone! I am a big fan of color, but we always deliver ultimately what our clients want. Just enough color was added to these white walls for a beautiful, subtle finish.

Hand Rubbed Finish

This is one of our popular finishes that we hand rub into the walls...Definitely creates a warm environment.

Blended paint finish with an overglaze

This was a quick little wall area we did for one of our designers in her own home. Turned out pretty nice...just wish the picture had come out better.

Tree and Ski slope mural in tiny powder bath

Another shot of the tree mural/ ski slopes

This is in the toilet room of the small bath!

Lots of Trees to mural

This was a very tiny bathroom that my assistants and I painted. It was a bit challenging because it needed to be super detailed due to the size of the bathroom. Hope you enjoy!

Fun Cloud Room

This has been a pretty popular finish for our company in children's bedrooms. They all love to be up in the clouds!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Plaster with a wax finish

Red and Gold plaster with a wax finish. Hand burnished to a beautiful shine.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Heber Valley Utah

This is the Beautiful Heber Valley where I live! I'm way down in the bottom of the valley; can you see me....My hubby took this picture on one of his many outings with his camera.

Furniture Makeover

This dresser was done originally in a pickle finish. Which in this case was the natural pine with a white/milkish glaze painted over the wood.

We added the scrolls, painted, distressed and stained the edges in a cherry finish. The top was completed with venetian gem and then stained as well.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Moose and Friends

I love this little mural. It was done in a play area for one of my clients grandchildren. Complete with log cabin sleep areas in the corners of the room. I want to have a sleep over in this room. It is so awesome!

Textured Glaze

This is a simple one pass, glazed finish that we do quite regularly. Subtle, Warm and Elegant...I believe the designers out here call this "Rustic Elegance." I guess I'll go with that!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wine Cellar with exposed brick/peeled plaster

This ceiling was a lot of fun...well not really. My neck was sore for a few days, but once we put everything back in order I loved the end result. The brick was not made to look perfect; more so old and crumbly and very irregular.

Lodge Mural

This mural was inspired by a home in Park City, Ut. I thought it looked like a lodge (as most of the homes in upper deer valley look like resorts: they average at 10,000 square feet) Pretty amazing architechural designs in the homes out here.

Custom Venetian Gem

Pictures hardly do the faux justice...not to mention this was a very small bathroom and hard to photograph anyway. The Venetian Gem was custom colored to coordinate with the various tile and stone work through out the bath. I was extremely happy with the end result as was the client because it was a last minute job that she wanted to get completed by a certain date; we complied with 2 days left to spare.

oops! I just realized we didn't put the light switch cover back on before the photograph. I hate when that happens!

Checkers anyone?

We do furniture as well...this table was originally made out of pine wood. We added a new beveled top and painted it in a checkered board pattern (which I must say was not an easy task to figure out for the layout) My artistic brain did not want to function in Math mode..very difficult task. Anyway, we finally figured it out and then finished it off with a tortoise shell inlay around the edges. Very cool and one happy client!

You can click on the picture for a close up!

Aspens! Gotta Love em'

This was a great little muraling job! I absolutely am fond of trees; especially aspens. Aspens are so unique with all their peeled bark and color variations. Luckily for me, I am located in a Region full of Aspens and people who want them painted in their homes/business.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Interior wall of new dining area called the "Barn"

The "Barn" is a new addition to a home where it will serve as an entertainment room. The outside structure looks just like an old barn (made with real barn wood) and the inside was finished out with drywall. The client wanted the inside to replicate old stone walls with lichen, drips the whole nine yards. Here is a close up of the finish with more pics to come. What a labor intensive finish, but well worth the outcome. On 700sq ft. of space it took us 7 days to complete.